Covid 19 Update

Updated on 4 May 11:00


Dear Valued Customer

As the Covid-19 virus situation continues to affect most countries around the world, and cause a temporary interruption in international travel due to government advice and restrictions, we continue to assist every customer as quickly as we can.
We are working with both the UK and Irish Governments and their individual travel advice to ensure we look after your safety and wellbeing.
Please continue to offer our team patience and courtesy as they work flat-out to assist you in travel date order. We are sure you appreciate these are exceptional times and we are striving to offer the best service possible under extreme pressure.

Contacting Us
If you are due to travel before 30 June 2020 please call us.
If you are due to travel after 30 June 2020 please do not call us today.  We have limited resources to assist on inbound calls and have to prioritise by travel date order.  If you do wish to contact us please do so using the appropriate e-mail address below:
For UK Bookings:  [email protected]
For Irish Bookings:  [email protected]
To enable us to assist you as quickly as possible and route your e-mail to the correct person, please start your e-mail title with TSR followed by your 6 digit booking reference followed by your name then departure date as below: 
TSR123456  Jones  26/07/20

Your Holiday Status
The status of your holiday is detailed below.  Please also refer to the section below on restrictions which may apply to your booking.  We will discuss these with you on an individual basis when we contact you.

Up to 28 May 2020. We will unfortunately not be operating any holidays in this period.  We are in touch with all customers to work with your wishes.

29 May - 30 June 2020.  We are actively working with every customer by phone in this period and are offering moves to later dates or credit notes.  Credit Notes are valid for up to 5 years to rebook any package holiday with one of our group brands. Whilst all remaining holidays in this period are fully booked and ready to operate, with the government restrictions in place they are likely to either not to go ahead as scheduled or not provide the full experience you would desire.  We are therefore recommending moving to a later date.  Customers wishing to leave their holidays as booked will need to settle balances so we can issue air tickets and pay hoteliers.

01 July - 31 August 2020. Your holiday is still scheduled to operate as booked.  We are working with customers via e-mail at the moment and will be in a position to commence phone contact from mid-May.  We are offering flexibility to all our customers (subject to transport restrictions) to defer trips to a later date or offer Credit Notes to use to rebook, valid for up to 5 years.  Many balances are due and will have to be paid if customers wish to continue with travel arrangements as planned.  We again are advising customers to defer or take credit notes as whilst current thinking is that these holidays will go ahead, it cannot be guaranteed that you will get your full enjoyment as your destination may still have some restrictions in place.

1 September – 31 October 2020.  Your holiday is currently scheduled to go ahead as planned.  We will contact all of our customers by e-mail next week with an update and plan to commence phone contact from late May.  It is our intention to offer as much flexibility as we can, to any customers wanting to change their plans, subject to third party restrictions as detailed.

01 November 2020 onwards.  All holidays are scheduled to operate as planned.  Any customer wanting any flexibility with their travel plans should e-mail us, but understand that our priorities for the next few months will be for customers with more immediate travel dates.

Restrictions on Flexibility
Some transport providers around the world including airlines, cruise lines and rail companies are not offering the same degree of flexibility as we are.  Such restrictions include the travel date they are permitting changes for, not being as far into the future as our own terms, and limiting the rebooking travel dates they are offering.

We thank you very much for your ongoing support and do ask once again for your patience and understanding.  We would like to thank the many thousands of customers we have helped so far in your support and confidence allowing us to look after your rebooked future travel plans. 

Mike Collins                      &            Dave Hennessy

UK Managing Director                   Ireland Managing Director

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