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Antartica vacations - A frozen wonderland

A truly phenomenal place, Antarctica is the least visited continent on Earth making it a wonderful place for exploration and the chance to see unique sights. There's simply nowhere that compares to the dramatic icy scenes, where incredibly exclusive and isolated adventures are fuelled with wildlife sightings and discovering awe-inspiring glaciers.

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Embark on a unique and unforgettable adventure

One of the greatest adventures you can embark on, travelling to the Antarctic region is travelling to a place of incredible extremes. A frozen wonderland, Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent on Earth and the fifth largest. But journey to this phenomenal place and you’ll be met with some of the most extraordinary scenery you’ll ever witness. Unspoiled, largely uninhabited and with a challenging climate that means it’s only accessible at certain times of the year, this is by far your average holiday. But that’s precisely what makes it such an unforgettable experience – it really is a unique and breath-taking region that is utterly captivating.

Why visit Antarctica?

  • It’s a bucket-list destination worthy of the title – an extraordinary location unlike anything you will have experienced before.
  • This ice desert is edged by frigid waters, populated by whales, seals and penguins.
  • Antarctica is one of the last remaining wild frontiers that will undoubtedly appeal to travellers seeking adventure.
  • The vistas are extraordinary – an array of emeralds, violets and cherry-reds which bounce off the white expanse, in addition to mighty glaciers and mountain scenery.

Inspired? Tropical Sky also arranges Polar Holidays to the Arctic.

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