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Twin & Multi Centres
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Twin & Multi Centre Vacations - Discover more of the world

All over the world, you’ll find a myriad of fascinating cultures, stunning scenery, and luxurious hotels. Why only experience one destination, when you can combine a few?

The best travel advice comes from someone who has experienced it all. Our passionate team have been lucky enough to explore many corners of the earth, drawing on their vast experience to find destinations that beautifully complement each other, and craft the perfect multi-centre vacation for you.

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Why Tropical Sky?
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Explore multiple locations in just one vacation

With such an incredible range of lavish resorts, jaw-dropping locations and impressive experiences on offer, it makes sense to visit more than one destination while you’re abroad. Who could resist exploring a broader variety of cultures, combining sun-soaked days on the beach with a bustling weekend city break, or adding a secluded island getaway to the end of an epic jungle trek?

Though we can create any bespoke multi-centre you desire, we do have a few combinations that we absolutely love. One of our favourites is combining the extravagant shopping paradise of Dubai with the silky sand of the Maldives, whilst the sun-kissed beaches of Barbados are a peaceful oasis after the hustle and bustle of New York City.

A twin or multi centre doesn’t have to mean travelling between a few separate countries or continents. We love chatting to you about the vast possibilities some of our destinations bring, including Thailand and Vietnam, which perfectly blend lively cultural cities with dazzling beaches. Sri Lanka is a keen favourite of ours too, combining fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites with either a journey through the jungle, or a week on an isolated bay.

There are endless opportunities when it comes to creating unforgettable multi-centre vacations, giving you the chance to sightsee, lounge around and explore all in one trip. Give our travel experts a call, they are passionate in finding the perfect combination for your next amazing getaway.

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