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Arctic Vacations

Jaw-dropping winter scenery

One of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes, the Arctic is an amazing choice for an unforgettable tour. Home to incredible wildlife and unique scenery you’ll see some truly amazing things during your time here. Read more...

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Arctic Highlights

Beginning in Spitsbergen and ending in Reykjavik, this tour showcases the highlights of this stark and beautiful region from the comfort of the MS Expedition.

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Realm of the Polar Bear

Explore the Norwegian Arctic onboard the MS Expedition and seek out the awe-inspiring scenery and wildlife found here, including the majestic Polar bear.

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Realm of the Polar Bear In-Depth

Take an in-depth tour of the Norwegian Arctic region, providing a thorough exploration of this amazing part of the world and seeking out some of the extraordinary wildlife found here. This trip is aboard the ship MS Expedition

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Explore the Beauty of Arctic

A unique and unforgiving landscape that will capture your imagination instantly, the Arctic Circle is the northernmost region on Earth. Journeying through vast ice sheets, past behemoth icebergs and glaciers, and passing incredible scenery, your time here will be anything but ordinary.

The distinctive ecosystem is home to the polar bear, Arctic wolves and foxes, and muskox, as well as numerous species of marine life. Whether you’re taking a concise tour or following in the footsteps of explorers before you and delving into the history of the area, the Arctic is an amazing place to visit.

Why visit the Arctic?

  • The unique ecosystem makes this a must for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers
  • It’s an unforgettable experience that redefines the classic holiday – you’ll witness landscapes still relatively untouched in terms of tourism.
  • The Arctic is an ideal location for a tour holiday as it gives you the option to see more of this amazing region and to take in the main sights along the way.

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