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Eating, Drinking and Nightlife


Beijing is a heaven if you love trying new food. The influx of workers from other areas of China brought with it huge variations in traditional cooking styles and today this has morphed Beijing’s cuisine into one of the most unique in the country. Duck is very popular, cooked in a number of different styles, while dishes consisting of noodles or pancakes often make a delicious and very cheap meal. Being that Beijing is a huge, multicultural city you can also find cuisines from every corner of the globe.


China is a nation of tea drinkers – you’ll find it is drunk at virtually all occasions and by virtually everyone. Tea houses are found all across Beijing and are a great place to relax after a busy day and the bustle of the city. Beer is popular too and Tsingtao is the undisputed number one, however you can find many other Chinese beers around and many of the recognisable international brands.


There are plenty of bars and clubs catering to every taste from sports bars showing football to trendy cocktail-laden establishments to regular tea houses.

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