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Eating, Drinking and Nightlife


Indian cuisine is famous around the world for its pungency and spiciness. But there’s a good reason that you find restaurants serving Indian cuisine in every corner of the world – it’s truly delicious. And when you come to India and experience the real thing you’ll see why it is so widely exported. Of course India is too large to suggest that it has one overall cuisine – there is huge variation across the country from the rice-heavy south to the delicious breads of the north. Curry is ubiquitous, but it’s not the Indian-takeaway style that you might be used to back home. Dishes range from fresh and lively to buttery and decadent.

Drinking and Nightlife

Depending on where you are in India, you’ll find hugely different opinions relating to alcohol. In Goa and Punjab, for example, you’ll find a very relaxed attitude while at the other end of the spectrum Gujarat and Mizoram are dry states where alcohol is prohibited. Kingfisher is one of the country’s most popular lagers. The nightlife in India is naturally concentrated in the big cities, but Goa is probably the best place if you’re looking for fun in the evenings.

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