Governors' Camp

The award-winning Governors' Camp collection offers an unforgettable safari experience. From the drama of a hunting lion, to the awe-inspiring sight of elephants drinking by a watering hole, this is your chance to enjoy front row seats to incredible wildlife viewings. Offering luxury tented camps from as early as 1972, Governors' Camp really know how to immerse you into the beauty of East Africa.

We offer three wonderful safari holidays that include a stay at Governors' Camp in the stunning Masai Mara. Paired with other fabulous beach locations such as Zanzibar and Mombasa, Governors' Camp and Zanzibar and Governors' Sky Safari and Mombasa combine the excitement of a safari trip with the relaxed vibes of an African beach getaway. Governors' Lakes and Mara Safari gives you the chance to enjoy a traditional tented camp experience in the Masai Mara, plus a luxury lodge retreat near the Great Rift Valley.

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