Rarotonga Island
Waya Island in Fiji
Tropical island in Fiji
Aitutaki lagoon in the Cook Islands
Sunset at Aitutaki

Our favourite South Pacific countries

Surrounded by translucent lagoons and colourful barrier reefs, the South Pacific region is a true gem. Each sugar-sand island tells its own story, but they all offer one thing: the chance to relax somewhere breath-takingly beautiful.

From a castaway holiday on one of Fiji’s 333 remote islands, to untouched beaches in the Cook Islands and jungle-clad islets in Tahiti, the coveted laidback lifestyle is yours for the taking.

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South Pacific Countries

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Few places are as admired as Fiji’s 333 secluded islands. Boasting some of the friendliest locals in the world, dazzling white sands and balmy temperatures, this is a castaway holiday at its most luxurious.

Cook Islands

We’re certain the idea of a perfect island getaway was centred on the Cook Islands. Barely touched by tourism, these 15 islands are serene, unspoilt, and incredibly peaceful.


A popular destination for far-flung honeymoons, Tahiti's emerald islands are naturally luxurious. Snorkelling enthusiasts quikcly fall in love with Tahiti's crystal-clear lagoons, and romance is rife at every sugary sand beach.

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