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Tropical Sky Group Environmental & Sustainable Travel Promise

Tropical Sky is committed to the active participation in developing and promoting responsible and sustainable travel.

Our commitment includes:

  • Ensuring our customers are informed of the environmental and sustainability credentials and efforts of our hotel and transportation partners
  • Actively working with hotel and transport partners to develop sustainable policies to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment
  • Lobbying governments around the globe to improve their part in the environmental impact, largely on energy, waste and cultural involvement and protection

What you'll find in this policy:

Sustainable travel & tourism
Air Travel and Sustainability
Hotels and Lodges & Sustainable Policies
Informing our customers of Eco Credentials
Tips for Travelling more Responsibly


Sustainable Travel & Tourism

By promoting sustainable tourism, Tropical Sky aims to address the impact of our customers travelling to ensure the holidays we promote achieve more positives than negatives considering environmental, social and economic factors.

All holidays or travel have an impact on our environment.  Widely known is the effect of carbon released to the environment through transportation and the consumption of goods in our leisure activities, a major cause of climate change.  Whilst this forms a significant part of the impact of travelling, sustainability has much greater breadth, with this forming just one part of tourism responsibilities.

Sustainability considers many topics relating to tourism including:

  • Carbon release – reducing and eliminating carbon footprint by minimizing energy and water consumption and using more carbon friendly transportation
  • Waste – we will work with partners to ensure we minimise waste generation and the use of plastics
  • Cultural Respect – ensuring tourists have minimal impact, plus understanding, learning, engaging and ultimately playing their part in preserving heritage
  • Economic – employment of local staff, promoting and using local business, and improving the welfare of the community
  • Eco System – protecting and often expanding areas set aside for natural habitat purposes, protecting biodiversity and actively contributing towards conservation
  • Wildlife – working for the protection of wildlife, ensuring responsible tourist practices around wildlife and educating customers and local communities

Our environmental and sustainable tourism policies and promises will be constantly reviewed, updated and improved.


Air Travel and Sustainability

Air travel very often has the greatest polluting impact from holidays, with substantial carbon release.

Tropical Sky commits to play its part in lobbying and applying pressure to Governments and Airlines in ensuring that only modern economical aircraft are used, and increasing usage of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Sustainable travel therefore does not mean zero carbon emissions. It is a whole package of minimising carbon emissions, eliminating any adverse footprint in a holiday destination and promoting the partnership with local communities and cultures to ensure that tourism has a nett positive effect.


Hotels and Lodges’ Sustainable Policies

There are many things that hotels can do, and we will aim to inform our customers of the variety of great things many of our partners are doing to promote and deliver a more sustainable environment within the tourism industry.

A few examples are:

  • Solar and Wind Power plant installed
  • Water capture and recycling
  • Organic Salad and Vegetable Gardens
  • Locally sourced produce
  • Removal of plastics
  • Low waste products used
  • Low impact materials used – such as replenishable wood rather than hard woods
  • Local employment and academies
  • Sponsorship of local educational and medical facilities
  • Animal welfare


Informing our customers of Eco Credentials

Tropical Sky will display an Eco logo on our group websites against any holiday where we feel our partners have significant sustainable strategies in place.  We hope this will play a part in helping you make the right choice of holiday for you.

Within each of the holiday promotional pages on our website we will then feature an area where we will display any credentials, such as awards achieved and any specific policy and practice in place to drive sustainability.


Whilst Tropical Sky does not have professionally trained expertise within our business to assess this ourselves, we aim to achieve this by reference to relevant accrediting organisations who assess our partners and make relevant Eco based awards. The eco accredited categories will also be observed during any site visit by us.

Examples of such organisations include:

  • Green Globe
  • Travelife
  • B Corp
  • Eco Tourism Kenya


Tips for Travelling more Responsibly

There are a few easy things to consider whilst enjoying your holiday, to reduce your impact and play your part in sustainable travel and the protection of our environment:

  • Consider fewer, longer holidays – so less flying
  • Use public transport whilst away and to get to/from the airport
  • Choose a holiday being promoted with Eco Credentials
  • Take a refillable water bottle with you to avoid using plastics
  • Visit the local communities and heritage sites
  • Buy from local businesses
  • Use local restaurants


If you would like to find out more about how entire countries, hotels and touring partners are making great strides in environmental improvements, select the links below to read more:



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