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Tsavo National Park Vacations

A fascinating area with dramatic scenery

Made up of two separate and beautifully diverse parks, venture here and you’ll find an incredible blend of dry plains, soaring mountain ranges and verdant grasslands. One of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya, Tsavo National Park is rich in wildlife, offering spectacular views of elephants, Masai lions, giraffe, leopards and zebras. Read more...

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Exterior view of Papillon Lagoon Reef

Kenya Beach & Ngutuni Overnight Safari

Our Kenya Beach and Tsavo Safari package offers incredible value for money. You will enjoy the famous white sands of Diani Beach at Papillon Lagoon Reef on an all-inclusive basis with a two day safari experience in Tsavo East National Park.

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Explore the Beauty of Tsavo National Park

Two separate but equally fascinating parks make up the beautiful Tsavo National Park – the largest of its kind in Kenya, and one of the largest in the world. The eastern side is slightly larger, with wide dry plains stretching out around the Galana River. To the west, mountainous peaks, luscious springs and swamps are branded home by leopards, hippos and the Masai lion. Be prepared for views you never imagined – this park plays host to some of the most sensational and intense landscapes in all of Kenya. But it’s not just roving wildlife – the landmarks found in this area make it a sightseeing haven in itself. From the Lugard Falls to Mudanda Rock, the scenery that surrounds the Tsavo National Park is truly amazing.

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