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Selous Game Reserve Vacations

A truly amazing reserve

Expect surprises around every corner at this rugged, unique landscape, including maneless lions, black rhino and other rare wildlife. If that doesn’t lure you in, the beautiful sceneries and fantastic safaris will. Read more...

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Explore the Beauty of Selous Game Reserve

Wildly rugged and breath-takingly beautiful, the Selous Game Reserve is a true example of Africa’s unspoiled landscape. Backpackers and safari lovers will be in their element here, with so much to explore and beautiful vistas to admire. There are the obvious species, such as herds of elephant and zebra, but then there are the lesser known varieties – seek out the rare African wild dog and the maneless lion, for example. Selous always surprises and leaves you craving more, no matter how long you visit for – classic game drives and walks through the pea-green plains are still the best way to see this amazing reserve.

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