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North Coast

Byron Bay & The North Coast Vacations

A friendly stretch of unspoiled landscape

The North Coast is a friendly collection of gilded beaches, welcoming locals and a laid-back vibe, making this a charming region to explore. Read more...

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Byron Bay Hotel and Apartments


Byron Bay Hotel and Apartments (formerly Apartments Inn Byron) offers both hotel rooms and fully-furnished apartments, and features a relaxed swimming pool area with an easy-going vibe throughout the property. This is a great base to see the city at your own pace

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Explore the Beauty of Byron Bay & The North Coast

Scenic, relaxed and a surfer's haven, the North Coast is a varied vacation destination that appeals to active getaways and beach breaks in equal measure. From venturing into the national parks to surfing, swimming and dolphin-watching, there's so much to experience here.

Sydney overshadows the rest of New South Wales so much that you wouldn’t be blamed for assuming that it is the only destination there worth visiting. But head north at the coast and you’ll find that your preconception was – thankfully – wrong.

The well-driven path up to Byron Bay is a long one, but there are plenty of lovely and worthy stops along the way. Travel this way and you’ll find a meandering coastal road dawdling through picturesque towns and the odd small city. Port Macquarie is one of the best. It’s a family-friendly town with cream-colored beaches receding into lush parks. Getting tired of the beach is tough, but if you do there’s Kooloonbung Nature Park where you can go for walks and enjoy the wildlife.

A little further on is Coffs harbor a popular vacation destination for Australians. And then it’s the worthwhile trek up to Byron Bay, one of Australia’s most renowned surfing beaches and whale watching hotspots. The relaxed, New Age spirit is right out of the quintessential Australian cliché but the attitude and atmosphere is contagious – don’t be surprised if the decision is leave is a lot harder than the decision to go.

Top reasons to visit the North Coast:

  • Go whale-watching off the coast - the area offers spectacular viewing opportunities at various locations
  • Lounge on the sandy coast of Byron Bay
  • Explore the wildlife of the region at some of the national parks
  • The scenery lends itself well to picturesque walking trails

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