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South Australia

South Australia Vacations

The real Australia

Blessed with verdant vineyards, iconic Aussie wildlife and the charming city of Adelaide, South Australia is a great place to experience modern Australian culture Read more...

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Explore the Beauty of South Australia

South Australia is the real Australia you heard about in cliché; the Australia of laid-back lifestyle, friendly faces, beautiful landscape and perfect weather. Famous for the glut of festivals in the early autumn, South Australia is actually one of the country’s most unspoiled and tourist-light areas.

The state capital is Adelaide, which is Australia’s fifth largest city. A place with an almost European flavour, Adelaide is arty and bohemian. It is universally agreed to be one of the world’s best designed cities.

But South Australia has much more than just its famous city. There are miles of vineyard in Barossa Valley and some wonderful, if unusual, experiences waiting for you in the peripheries of the state.

Visit Kangaroo Island and find a wildlife lover’s haven that has much more than just its namesake. Besides the iconic marsupials you’ll also find sea lions, koalas, possums, platypus, bandicoots and wallabies. For the more aquatic-inclined tourists there are diving safaris.  

North of Adelaide are the copper-coloured bluffs of Flinders Ranges, providing some of the most dramatic and breath-taking scenery in South Australia. Then head on west and you’ll find Port Lincoln, where thrill seekers can cage dive with great white sharks.

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