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One of Australia’s most exciting and surprising cities, Melbourne has just about everything you can think of. From swanky shopping boulevards, to art-deco theatres, to rustic restaurants and extravagant hotels, there is a little bit of everything here. Read more...

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Explore the Beauty of Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city, found in the center of Victoria, the country’s second smallest state. Often described as ‘the world’s most liveable city’, spend a few days here and you’ll understand why.

Contemporary but full of character, glamorous but rugged, urban but verdant, relaxed but lively; Melbourne is Australia’s contradictory multicultural masterpiece. There is definitely an artsy and bohemian attitude lingering on the sun-soaked air. But don’t mistake it for pretentiousness; Melbourne is a friendly and welcoming place where the art galleries, trendy bars and chic boutiques buddy up with leafy parks and classic architecture.

Melbourne is excellent for all the usual city activities – drinking, eating, shopping, sleeping – but it’s also excellent for the less usual stuff too. The Eureka Skydeck offers a stunning panoramic view of the city from the 88th floor – not something you see every day.

Typically, Melbourne is used as a gateway for some of Victoria’s natural attractions such as Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road. And while these are spectacular places, you shouldn’t write off Melbourne too quickly. The food is fantastic, the people are friendly and the list of things to do is almost endless.

Why visit Melbourne?

  • See the city from a unique vantage point, the 88th floor observation deck of the Eureka Tower
  • Use Melbourne as a base to explore Victoria's incredible attractions including Grampians National Park and the Twelve Apostles
  • This is a hub of incredible food and wine - try the amazing range of restaurants on offer in the city center
  • Melbourne is sport crazy; if you visit at the right time you can experience Aussie Rules football, cricket, tennis or Formula One

Melbourne Information

There are a wide variety of things to see and do whilst staying in Melbourne. Check out our travel guides for some of the highlights, top tips and travel inspiration from our Tropical Sky Experts, along with some essential information you may need for your vacation.

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