A view of Bangkok's skyline and Lumpini Park


A city break brings a multitude of possibilities. From fabulous rooftop bars and unbeatable shopping, to incredible music scenes and even luscious parks, our favourite cities are more than just skyscrapers and busy streets. Each metropolis is home to its own vibrant culture and lifestyle, and we can’t wait to inspire you with our city guides.

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16 of the world's most walkable cities

When visiting a new city, it may be tempting to rent a car or use public transportation to squeeze in as many possible sites in the time that you have, but some of the most memorable trips include exploring on foot.

Top 10 rooftop bars in the world

Experience a city's sparkling towers from a bird's eye view with a drink in hand. Our top 10 rooftop bars explore the urban secrets of some of the world's most breathtaking bars.

Top 10 city parks in the world

From Lumpini Park, Bangkok to Stanley Park, Vancouver! Explore the world's top 10 city parks and discover the variety of urban jungles on offer.

Top 10 music cities in the world

There’s something about music that turns an average town, into an incredible city. From audiences to neighbourhoods, the electricity of a live performance can rarely be matched...

Top 10 shopping cities in the world

With vacations heavily focused on retail therapy, you can't go wrong with our Top 10 shopping city breaks. From the luxury of Dubais marbelled malls, to the bustling suks of Marrakesh.

Top 10 party cities in the world

From bustling bars in Montréal to superclubs in Miami, if you're looking for a little more nightlife from your city escape, we have everything you need to know...

Top 10 things to do in Dubai

Dubai has a lot more than just unrivalled shopping malls, if you fancy steering your money in a different direction check out one of the many attractions and excursions the Emirate has to offer.