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The most amazing three course meal for less than a pound

Khao San Road, Bangkok — the epitome of ‘East meets West’. The bombardment of locals asking whether you need a tuk tuk or a massage, whilst others try to sell you a fake Rolex. Market stalls each containing a little temple where incense burns, while their owners present you with every colour of Chang Beer t-shirt. KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King interspersed with the hundreds of street food carts...

food market on khao san road

Ahh the street food. As I strolled along Khao San, it was impossible to resist the amazing array of local food vendors. Forget the McDonald’s or the fancy high-end restaurants. Bangkok is all about the unbelievable street food.  Here’s my guide to having the best (and cheapest) three course meal you’ll ever eat!

Pineapple. I know it sounds bizarre to have fruit as a starter. But under the scorching Bangkok sunshine, the sheer sight of these freezing cold fruits left my mouth watering. And trust me, these aren’t just any pineapples. These are Thailand grown pineapples — a.k.a the sweetest, juiciest, most refreshing thing you’ve ever tasted! Absolutely delicious. And the price? Around 10 baht — 20 pence! Seriously, can I bring some home with me? I guess they might weigh the suitcase down a little…

Main dish
Pad Thai. My eyes were amazed at the array of ingredients being tossed in so effortlessly  to create such an incredible dish. Eggs, chilli, peppers, bean sprouts, noodles, garlic, coriander, lime juice, tofu, garlic, tamarind and peanuts. The result? Well, my taste buds told me it was like Christmas, Diwali and an extra bank holiday had all come at once! It was so good that I swiftly asked for another one. And at 20 baht a portion, why the hell not? Hands down, the best 40 pence I’ve ever spent in my entire life.

Mango sticky rice. “Rice? For dessert?” I hear you ask.  Hell, yes! What’s in it? Well mango and umm, sticky rice. Oh and some coconut milk. The beauty is in the simplicity. No need for any fancy-smancy recipes. And if I thought Thai pineapples were good, well the mangoes were out of this world! I seriously thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Not bad for 15 baht.

So there you have it. The most amazing three course meal – all for less than a pound! And that’s including the second portion of pad Thai. All consumed with one of the best views in the world — the craziness of Khao San Road.


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