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Qatar Vacations

Modern, luxurious and awe-inspiring

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Hurtling to modernity, Qatar is gaining a reputation for amazing luxury travel that will equal anywhere in the Middle East. The added advantage is that Qatar still feels relaxed and authentic - you can get a true taste of traditional life as well as experience incredible comfort. Read more...

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Grand Hyatt - Doha


A stylish, luxurious and elegant resort on the West Bay Lagoon district of Doha, the Grand Hyatt Hotel makes your Qatar getaway that extra bit special.

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Intercontinental - Qatar


A first class hotel in the prestigious West Bay region with excellent views overlooking the Arabian Gulf, the Intercontinental Qatar is the perfect choice for those in search of an indulgent holiday.

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The Ritz-Carlton, Doha


This first class luxurious hotel with a wonderful spa and an excellent choice of restaurants is spectacularly situated on its own island overlooking the city of Doha and the Arabian Gulf.

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Explore the Beauty of Qatar

One of the lesser explored areas of the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is soon to be on the wish list of every discerning traveler. With desert-bound adventures, seemingly endless golden coastlines, and a cultural experience you’ll relish, Qatar has gained a reputation for being a luxurious destination. Explore the awe-inspiring natural wonders, such as the haunting Singing Sand Dunes, or venture into the hub of Qatar to sample culinary delights, local crafts and vibrant banter at one of the souks.

A small Middle Eastern state, Qatar is beginning to punch well above its weight on the world stage.

Set to the west of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar resembles a sort of mini Dubai; the streets of Doha are lined with impressive skyscrapers and there are stretches of beautiful (but man-made) beach.

The capital city of Doha is the star attraction. It’s by far the largest in the country and is home to a huge range of attractions including the Doha Zoo, the Al Koot Fort and the Museum of Islamic Arts.

But if you’re more a thrill-seeker than a culture-lover you can sign up for desert safari tours that include dune bashing and sand skiing.

Qatar is now a country built on a huge diversity of cultures and backgrounds. This has created an unusual culture that is part classic Arabian, part unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else in the world.

Why visit Qatar?

  • Qatar now has a fantastic range of decadent hotels offering impressive luxury accommodations close to the beach
  • Doha has a surprising array of attractions including the Museum of Islamic Art
  • A wide range of events to visit – the World Cup might not be here until 2022, but Qatar currently runs top tennis competitions and the Qatar Masters Golf Tournament
  • The beaches are wonderful, even if many of them are artificial
  • A chance to experience a super-modern Arabian city set against the backdrop of super-ancient Arabian desert

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