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Bay of Islands Vacations

A tropical paradise off the North Island

Idyllic, beautiful and home to some of the best beaches in New Zealand, the Bay of Islands is a subtropical haven of ancient kauri forests, stunning coastlines and secluded coves that are perfect for exploring. Read more...

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Explore the Beauty of Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands region of the North Island is a stunning display of subtropical flora, blissful beaches and endless sunshine. A stunning example of New Zealand's diverse landscape, it's a fantastic contrast to the more rugged scenery found elsewhere in the country. 

The idyllic landscape of New Zealand’s northern region stretches from Auckland to the furthest reach of the country. A subtropical paradise of myriad beaches, ancient kauri forests and behemoth trees, this is somewhere truly special.  Often overlooked in favour of more commonly mentioned names, Northland’s coastline is an aquatic haven of adventure and relaxation, in equal measure.

Enriched by traditional Maori culture, this region hosts a number of dining, shopping and entertainment options which all have their roots firmly in their heritage.

Whether you choose from swim with dolphins, drive along Ninety Mile Beach or explore the natural harbor of Tutukaka, this urbane area is a captivating and colorful part of New Zealand’s landscape.

Why visit the Bay of Islands & Northland?

  • The beaches are some of the most breath-taking in the world, and incredibly varied – from varying shades or sands, to secluded, vibrant, vast and small, there’s a coastline to suit your mood.
  • This part of the country is quite sophisticated and tranquil, so it’s perfect for relaxed vacations where you can really take in your surroundings.
  • The distinctive culture and heritage is great for delving into if you really want to get to know New Zealand better

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