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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my wedding be legal? Yes it is legal and you do not have to register it when you return home. Please note that the couple’s wedding certificate may need an Apostille Stamp from the country you wish to marry in to make it legally recognized worldwide.
    The majority of our weddings are conducted by a Marriage Officer whose title may vary depending on the destination you have chosen. For example, A Judge or Minister for a wedding in Mexico, a Registrar in Mauritius etc. Your wedding ceremony will be non-denominational. You must be 18 (21 and over in some destinations) or over to book a wedding package with us, and unless otherwise stated we will offer you a civil wedding.
  • Can I just book a wedding or do I have to book flights and accommodation? Our wedding specialists at Tropical Sky will book the complete package for you therefore taking the stress out of the arrangements.
  • How do you arrange the wedding? Our team of expert wedding consultants will talk to you personally and tailor your requirements for the wedding. They have years of experience between them and they have witnessed many weddings themselves. They will then communicate all the information to the wedding coordinator in the hotel and let you know when it is all booked.
  • If I wanted to book just the wedding can you do this? No, we will only book the wedding if you book flights and accommodation with us.
  • How do I book a wedding? Once you have booked your chosen resort and hotel, our specialists will request a wedding date (and time) and this will be forwarded to the wedding coordinator at the hotel. Confirmation of the date usually comes back within a week. If, unfortunately, the date is not available she will advise of an alternative.
  • What will the wedding package include? This varies from hotel to hotel. Our wedding coordinators will be able to advise you.
  • How much does a wedding cost? This depends on your chosen hotel. The average cost of a Tropical Sky wedding including the cost of the air and hotel is around $5000. Some hotels offer a FREE wedding so please contact our wedding coordinators to choose the hotels with the best value.
  • What paperwork do I need? Please see our complete list of what paperwork is required. We suggest you forward us photocopies of the documents at least 12 weeks prior to the departure date. THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS WILL HAVE TO BE TAKEN WITH YOU TO THE HOTEL.
  • What happens when we get to our hotel? The hotel wedding coordinator will arrange a meeting with you and take you through the day’s proceedings. She will also show you where the wedding can take place, i.e. beach or gardens. At this stage it is advisable to let her know if you need any extras that are not included in your wedding package such as photographer, steel band, hairdresser etc. A list of wedding extras can be requested but these will have to be paid for locally.
  • There is just the two of us, will we need witnesses? Yes. These can be friends that you meet in resort or members of the hotel staff.
  • How long does the ceremony last? Usually 15-20 minutes and after which there is the signing of the register, a toast to the bride and groom and photographs.
  • How do I carry my wedding dress? We suggest you pack it into a strong suitcase and check it in as luggage. However, this will form part of your luggage allowance. On arrival at your hotel it is best to hang it up in the bathroom to allow the creases to drop out.
  • If we have friends and family staying at another resort can they attend our wedding? If you are staying in an adult’s hotel it is unlikely that the hotel will allow children to attend. If you hotel is not adults only then the hotel may charge for your guests to attend.
  • Will we receive our marriage certificate before we leave to come home? In most circumstances the answer is yes, however, the hotel may ask for a home address so that it can forwarded onto you.

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