Ban Papongpieng, Chiang Mai rice terrace
Chiang Mai
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Huay Tung Tao Lake

Chiang Mai Food

Chiang Mai is a haven for food lovers – with unique regional twists on the classic Thai cuisine we’ve become accustomed to, there’s a real opportunity to try something new here.

 Northern Thai food is brimming with distinctive bold flavours, from the complex blend of spices used in traditional larb dishes to the popular ‘Chiang Mai sausage’ which uses pork, ginger, sour lemongrass and lime leaves, and the ubiquitous chillies for a unique spicy taste.

Health food lovers will be overwhelmed with the choice of clean eating options around the city. Vegetarian and vegan eateries are also commonplace, offering up a mix of traditional dishes and international favourites. Finding global cuisine here is easier than almost any other destination in Thailand, second only to Bangkok in terms of choice and variety.

The food markets dotted around the city are popular with tourists and locals alike, and offer up the chance to try something new while you’re exploring the sights. Genuine and traditional Thai food can be found easily in Chiang Mai so it’s ideal if you’re looking to experience the culinary heritage of this city.

Drinking and nightlife in Chiang Mai

During the day, Chiang Mai’s copious range of coffee shops serve as the ideal spot to hang out, enjoy the hum of the city and take in the sights of daily life in the city. This relatively new culture has thrived, creating a wealth of options for where to get your caffeine fix.

In the evening, Chiang Mai plays host to a buzzing nightlife that is a popular hot spot with visitors. From beer bars to sports hangouts and themed venues, there’s something for everyone.

Tourist-targeted Chiang Mai bars are virtually all located along Loi Kroh Road where you’ll find a host of venues to choose from, including an entertainment complex where you can watch Muay Thai boxing!  Venture out of the city centre a little further though and you’ll find quieter and more authentic bars where the locals relax of an evening.

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